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Hi, I am Gioia Tang, I am an Illustrator and designer. I graduated from the University of Florence and received my master's degree in Design. I live in Florence and run a personal design studio now. I like to depict animals plants and the world i am imagining with rich colors and geometrically segmented compositions. I shape my unique artistic styles with a strong sense of curiosity fun and optimism.

I have interviewed more than 100+ world-renowned artists and designers. In 2021, I started run a video account called "IBU艺术", and I have gained 90,000+ followers on Xiaohongshu. 

I am an optimistic, positive and open-minded girl, kind to others, like traveling, movies and cooking.I like to try new things, be patient with work, and have no procrastination. For me, it is very important to keep curiosity "continuously". Without curiosity, there will be no collision, without collision, there will be no thinking, and there will be no innovation and creativity, so I will always keep this beating. Curiosity to experience life, understand the world, and meet a better self.self.

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